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Training Course 1: Integrated Digital Marketing

strategy Matters offers training for current employees or for new hires who will help your company use online tools and platforms to drive business growth, sustain increasing revenues, and optimize the bottom line returns.


1. The Lead Trainer learns the company’s goals.
2. strategy Matters develops a customized training curriculum, study plans, and training material guided by Lead Trainer.
3. strategy Matters vets materials and schedule with company.
4. Lead Trainer executes training sessions, evaluations and progress.

Curriculum (review the Course Outline)

The Integrated Digital Marketing curriculum is designed to teach each of the employees and new hires, among other things:
-key terms, definitions, and concepts used in integrated digital marketing communications and messaging
-ability to create, structure, implement and measure/evaluate an integrated digital marketing campaign
-digital marketing strategies and tactics
-mobile marketing strategies and tactics, essential for contemporary digital best practices and online effectiveness
-social media marketing, search engine optimization, and pay per click
-google analytics, webmaster tools, and other key online tools & platforms
-wordpress set-up, plugins, and customization

About Us

strategy Matters is a boutique business management consulting firm that focuses on “strategic.” Strategy matters to companies that wish to grow, sustain that growth, and optimize its sustainability.
Our boutique consulting practice integrates ‘strategic’ into each of the essential aspects of business growth, sustainability, and optimization: brand identification and coalescence, top line and bottom line goals, sales funnel clarity, marketing approaches and integration, online & digital marketing expertise, business development map, market & competitive research, product/service delivery and execution on business model.

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Strategy & Planning for Implementing & Executing on Integrated Digital Marketing

The next logical step after completing the Integrated Digital Marketing course is to take everything that the employee has learned and that the employer has benefited from and implement and execute it effectively.  The next level of learning allows companies to take integrated digital marketing to the next level.  Some examples of the curriculum deliverables include:
-process and/or methodology for conducting market research
-process and/or methodology for evaluating market research
-application of market research findings to developing competitive and positioning strategy across products and services
-application of market research findings to selecting target audience for each component of each online campaign
-process for identifying integrated digital marketing relationship to brand identity, brand relationship, and brand equity